Photo DocksArtFair™From 16 Sept. to 9 Oct. 2016

For its 8th edition, DocksArtFair™ is creating an event by launching a unique event dedicated to contemporary photography and video art: Photo DocksArtFair™.

Very much part of its area, strongly attached to its territory, and always looking for interaction DocksArtFair™ becomes for the second times an annual meeting for contemporary art.

Every odd year, there will be a solo show, and for every even year there will be a focus on a variety of contemporary photography and video art.

Artistic comitee of Photo DocksArtFair™ 2016 :
Guillaume MaitreDirector of Spazio Nuovo Gallery - Roma - Italy
Rüdiger VossDirector of Galerie Voss - Düsseldorf - Germany
Patricia HougDirector of DocksArtFair™

/// A New Concept

A salon dedicated to contemporary photography and video art in a special and new format. The first three days a traditional fair, and then a three-week exhibition where each booth becomes an exhibition space. It will be a meeting point for artists, galleries, institutions, professionals, collectors and contemporary art lovers. The artworks will remain in place for a three-week exhibition where the general public and schools will be able to appreciate the artists presented in a museum showcase. The organizers of Photo DocksArtFair ™encourage this new addition, to focus on the curating role of the galleries.

Photo DocksArtFair™ will be a dynamic place for interaction. 

/// A Salon for a Quality Reading

An exhibition space in the heart of Lyon Confluence, in the building designed by Odile Decq - Quai Rambaud; where participating galleries of Photo DocksArtFair™ will highlight established and emerging artists in medium of photography and video art.

This is not a traditional booth event, Photo DocksArtFair™ instead is an opportunity for visitors to see the breadth and variety of photograph and video with gallery’s focusing on installation as a medium to convey intriguing work. A unique opportunity for visitors and galleries involved.

There is an increasing visibility offered to exhibitors of Photo DocksArtFair™ by this privileged location.