L'Epreuve du Temps ,

Photographies Nikos Aliagas.



Exhibition from September 17th to October 9th, 2016

Opening in the presence of the artist.

Many unpublished photographs .



" It is in March 2016, during my morning zapping of different radios that I hear that Nikos Aliagas is presenting an exhibition at  la Conciergerie in Paris.

The prestige of the exhibition site and the public image of the mediatic man call out to me, the meeting seems unlikely and I need to answer by myself to the questions of legitimity, qualitiy of his photographies and worth of his work. Also, I need to question my own prejudices.

I spend a long time looking for other images than those of the « people » that he photographs daily and that he publishes in Paris Match®, then I came across his Instagram and Flickr account and I am able to gather, compile, choose and finally put together a certain number of images that tells me a story.

I leave it be for some time and I look at this imaginary exhibition which could have remained a simple draft.

I will not be needing anything else to convince me.

I would like to present the photographer away from the glitters and the celebrities, that photographer. More private, more complex and more touching.  Beyond appearances, Nikos brings to light people’s fragility and their singularity. The photographic print and the print of time, of laughters and tears, of work and toil, of living conditions, snapshot of a precise moment, the photograph’s look present us with a work that is delicate and narrative.

They are both beautiful and tragic.

We all have a piece of ourselves in Nikos Aliagas’s images, true and unsettling, they hit us with an unexpected emotion".


Patricia Houg June 2016.


More informations: Patricia.Houg@gl-events.com